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Grow Strong Fitness is exactly what you do as you enter my studio! Personalized exercise programs focus on total body conditioning along with lifestyle coaching for overall success while achieving and maintaining a long life of health and balance.

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Clean eating is just as important as maintaining a healthy physique.

Believe it or not, Lori Long is beyond 60. She is a mother, grandmother, personal trainer, and lifestyle educator. From Long Island, New York, she spends most of her free time outdoors, loves boating, fishing, gardening, biking, surfing and is always in search of those endless summer days. Her family's health and wellness was always her first priority. 

Unfortunately, many of her family members were diagnosed with various forms of cancer. That wasn't the only malady: heart disease, diabetes and obesity also topped the list .

"This hit me hard and I became passionate about trying to understand the how and why.”


This quest became the foundation that fueled my passion for my career. I found that lifestyle played a huge role in someone's health. It wasn't just about the environment, what people ate, their exercise habits, job and family related stresses. These factors are largely in our control and have an impact on our longevity and quality of our life," states Long. 

The new trend of the baby-boomers and younger generations are into preventative health options and cleaner eating. Long states that,

“It’s largely up to us to create better daily habits to ensure a healthy and quality long life.”


So, more than 31 years ago, Long packed up the winter coats for good and relocated her family to Vero Beach so she could spend more time with them outdoors, surrounded by plenty of fresh air and Florida sunshine. They started growing a garden as a year-round hobby.

“Growing our own fruits and vegetables made good sense,” Long explains. “Society is always juggling schedules, eating on the run, and it is frustrating to find time for the proper physical fitness goals, too”.

With age, weight loss can be impossible and difficult. Investing in a lifestyle educator, like Lori Long, can help lead to lifestyle changes to optimize time and overall health.

“If you want to add years to your life and life to your years, some habits may need to be adapted.

with support, guidance and education, some simple changes will give a person amazing results”, Long says. “Having a healthy attitude along with emotional support creates a new healthy lifestyle. Lets face it, in a very busy world, sometimes we need some balance in our life!”

According to Long, there is nothing more rewarding than for her clients to achieve balance in their lives through healthy choices and proper exercise. Her clients develop confidence and self-esteem along with an overall glow that shines through. “How we feel about ourselves in the world around us plays an important role in our health and wellness.”

That is Longs true passion and her gift is to create the best you can be, inside and out!


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